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Assembling the handmade components for a Comet mantel clock in my workshop A white Hawthorn bush by the River Bure in Norfolk

‘I make all the clocks at my workshop in the east of England.

My love of the countryside, and the slow pace of life here, has made it home for me for many years.

I find the peaceful, and calming effect of this environment, allow me to concentrate on the creative process.

The clock bodies, hands, and dial pieces are handmade using a variety of different; mineral aggregates, metals, and polymers.

Because they are made by hand, no two clocks are exactly the same, and each clock has its own, individual character.

Below, are pictures of some of the clocks I make. Click on the name to go to that range’

Voyager - Light Blue handmade mantel clock with silver hands WS002F Mantel Clocks Page 5
Available in: ‘Black’, ‘Blue’, L-Blue and ‘White’
Small Boy Groupshot - Cornflower Blue and Pink handmade mantel clocks WS001F
Available in: ‘Blue’, ‘Pink’ and ‘Yellow’
Mantel Clocks Page 3 Napolene - Red handmade mantel clock with black hands WS006F Mantel Clocks Page 2
Available in: ‘Black’, ‘Red’ and ‘White’
Comet - Light Blue handmade mantel clock with silver hands WS002F
Available in: ‘L-Blue’, ‘Slate’ and ‘White’