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‘Why I love making clocks’


I’ve been making clocks for some years now. It all started when I made a clock for my Mum. It was to replace her favourite, ‘Napoleon’ clock, which had become very temperamental. It wasn’t so much a replacement, more of a clock to fill the space on her mantelpiece, whilst her ‘Napoleon’ was being repaired.

Many years on, I have made clocks for friends and family, and now I make them for anyone who would like to own one.

My Mum’s ‘Napoleon’ still works, but sadly, it doesn’t chime any more, and has been relegated to a back bedroom! The clock that I made to replace it was the first of the ‘Napolene’ range, and although she could never bring herself to put it in the exact spot where the ‘Napoleon’ had been, it still takes pride of place in her home, along with about 40 other clocks she owns!’

R D Ryan

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